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Get Clarity on Your Next Tech Career Move!

This practical free guide will walk you through the 5 exploratory steps towards an impactful, purpose-driven and rewarding career.

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The Roadmap Will Help You..

IDENTIFY Your Zone of Genius

Hone in on your ‘Zone of Genius’ to help you discover new growth and opportunities that align with who you are so you do work that is meaningful to you.

OVERCOME Your Saboteur

Learn how they impede your growth, and how to identify and manage them to get back on track so you wake up motivated to start your work day.


Start making it happen! Steer your tech career in the right direction and regain your self-determination and purpose by having the impact you know you’re capable of.

What you'll gain

This free guide will provide you with tools for career growth in the direction that’s right for you.

By working through this practical 5-step Roadmap, you can analyze and utilize what makes you:

Wake up with a sense of purpose, motivated to start your work day

Feel more effective, and more focused, with work that is meaningful to you

Pursue new opportunities that align with who you are - and what you want

Collaborate and connect with the right people for your chosen career path

Regain a sense of pride in your achievements and accomplishments

Have the impact in your industry that you know you are capable of

About The Coach

My personal journey of feeling ‘stuck’ and unmotivated in a career that just didn’t fit my strengths and interests, led me on a voyage of discovery to find what I was truly passionate about. And I found it!


Now, as an experienced, qualified coach, I work with sales and marketing tech professionals who also want to get ‘unstuck’, helping them to utilize their unique talents to find their perfect, purpose-driven, and rewarding career. Having helped over 400 clients in the last 5 years, I feel that sense of purpose and fulfillment every day - and I want you to have that too!


ICF - PCC | CPCC Coach | Workshop Facilitator & Speaker |

 Master’s Degree in International Business | Business and Commerce Bachelor Degree | Trilingual 

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Feeling Stuck and You Don't Know What’s Next?

Get my new e-guide “The Practical 5-Step Roadmap to Accelerate your Tech Career” to gain the clarity you need to get ‘unstuck’ in your tech profession.


“I attribute a massive decision to move companies to all the coaching and guidance. I really thank Maria for being by my side through some major self discovery. The tools and language she has given me will forever help me understand who I am, how to reflect upon my needs and wants, and how to make decisions that are right for me and my values.”

━ Adrienne Allnutt

Director of Design LinkedIn

Get Clarity on Your Next Tech Career Move!


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