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Claudia Oliva

She's been instrumental in helping me achieve my professional goals.

Polina Kinchev
Kite Pharma

Avatar 111
She was able to guide me with thought-provoking questions and lead me through some helpful self-discovery exercises


HUGE Career Pivots 💪


Natalie  Romani

  • Started by being grinding and feeling under water and unclear about her next career move

  • Landed a job with 40% increase in salary in < 3 months

  • Got clarity on her strengths, value, and her non-negotiables.

  • Updated her CV, Linkedin, prepped for interviews

  • Got an offer from her first choice 

Ashley Barlow.png
Ashley Barlow 1.jpg

Ashley Barlow

  • Was looking for self-confidence

  • Reconnected to her musical talent

  • Launched Spotify song

  • Promoted to Director at EA

  • Moved cities and is  following her dream 

Photography Studio
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Matthew Burks

  • Was in grinding mode as an engineer Manager at Twitch

  • Found Work-Life Balance and created space for creativity and his passion

  • Decide to start his own business

  • Took the leap with x2 promotions for his team 

  • Click to read more about how Michelle made a Leadership Transition from IC to Manager to Director at Tech startup.
    MEET MICHELLE Michelle Lamberta Director of Customer Success at MaestroQA What were the areas of focus of your coaching? Leadership Transition from IC to Manager to Director at Tech startup. I started coaching 2 years ago when I joined Maestro QA and was looking for support in two pivotal moments: becoming part of the CS success team in the tech industry to managing and now directing the CS team of a startup environment. Where have you seen the most growth? Confidence in my decisions by having found a middle ground to own my POV whilst being understanding of others. Executive Presence which for me means; enhanced collaborations with C-Suite from having a voice in the room whilst being listened and respected by senior leadership. Build skills on how to provide valuable feedback and without feeling scared or anxious, and how to coach my team and help them grow my own way. By building a culture of trust and psychological safe space. How do you feel different with this growth? How is your day to day different? I feel more fulfilled at work, less anxious, more inner peace and feel more comfortable with navigating ever-going life and professional challenges. What was the process to get here like? What enabled the change? Letting go of perfectionism and leaning on the truth and being vulnerable to lead. Shedding the expectation I had for myself of having to climb the corporate ladder to feel worthy. Now I embrace finding challenges within my role whilst feeling comfortable with them (eg: training managers, providing support in uncertain times). I find this fulfilling and rewarding and there is no need to burnout anymore :) Managing Time and Pacing myself; being patient and enjoying the learnings. The way to learn is through experience and there is no way to rush this. What metaphor would you use to describe the transformation you've had of the way you're being through coaching? A Log Flume. It was a strenuous steep climb where at the top I faced my biggest fears of making decisions and upsetting someone with feedback and once I overcame I was able to let go, I felt relieved. I am enjoying the ride, driving and leading my team from a place of human connection, inner peace.
  • Click to read more about how Ana became a Sr. Manager of Franchise Strategy & Business Intelligence at Coca-Cola
    MEET ANA Ana Paula Mendez Sr. Manager Franchise Strategy & Business Intelligence at The Coca-Cola Company Coaching Goals: ​​Increase purpose and impact from self and the team. Have purpose driven work and be challenged with diverse areas of work. Improve relationship and synergies with boss, direct team. Be the leader that influences self growth, motivates the team and overall increases the overall impact of work. Takeaways de Ámbito Profesional: Claridad: No tenía ni idea que quería y me sentía estancada. Ahora tengo muy claro lo que quiero y necesito y lo puedo explicar. Con esta claridad, he aplicado a varios puestos que están alineados con donde quiero crecer. Estoy nerviosa por las entrevistas y muy feliz. Confianza en mí y en mi comunicación. El tener claridad me ha ayudado a comunicarme mejor y ser más efectiva. Ha ayudado a fomentar la colaboración y relación con los equipos, siendo capaz de cortar el ruido, ir al “root cause” y generar más impacto en las reuniones, proyectos...etc. Takeaways del Ambito Personal: Darme espacio. El 50% de lo que hace el coaching es obligarte a sentarte y a pensar. Explorar hacia dentro. Eso no lo hacía y lo he hecho más que nunca y funciona. Y de ahí ha salido: el conocerme a mi mejor, lo que me gusta, lo que no me gusta, lo que necesito y lo que no. Suena muy básico pero cómo vas ayudar a los demás si no sabes cómo ayudarte a ti. Eso fue un objetivo extra cumplido que no sabía ni qué quería y necesitaba. Managing the present. Fui de quejarme por no tener apoyo de mi jefe, cambiar de perspectiva y buscar lo que buscaba: apoyo, buscar un mentor. Y de nuestras conversaciones salió el orden. Ordenar el desorden. Lo que hablamos juntas y la creación del plan, se lo llevaba a el mentor me ayudaba a cómo aplicarlo en Coca Cola. Que de mi estilo como coach y nuestro partnership te ayudo? Tu ayuda a “Ordenar el desorden.” Las herramientas para explorar: preguntas, videos, artículos, reflexiones. Lo que me dijiste el primer día: “You have to do the work.” El coaching fue el catalizador de dedicarme tiempo y hacer el personal work.Que no había hecho nunca antes. El accountability me dio la disciplina de tener un deadline y preparar de que íbamos hablar la siguiente sesión
  • Click to read more about how Lauren grew into her role of Director of Digital Consulting at HigherVisibility
    MEET LAUREN Lauren Brady Director of Digital Consulting at HigherVisibility What were your Coaching Goals? Accountability and ownership throughout the team. I’d like to empower my team to plan the process/timeline/make decisions for themselves so that they can achieve their individual and team goals. Instead of me “directing” or “telling” them the steps they should take to arrive at a goal I need to release the control and decision to them and allow them to develop their own path to success and be accountable to the path. What has been the biggest shift so far in this leadership role? I’ve been letting go of controlling. Before I had the need to know and handhold. I’ve been shifting an ingrained behavior that has served me very well in the past but has become the biggest obstacle for my career advancement. What’s different now? I have room to elevate the teams and have a bigger impact as a leader. I manage how much I get involved with my team. I dedicate 15% of the time to work ON the business and 85% IN the business. Before it was 100% IN the business, managing people and putting off fires. The way I look at things is different. I Trust and believe in them and that empowers them to own their decisions and find a way that works for them. A win/win. Where have you seen the growth? Shift who I am as a person. Hyper Achieving has shaped my personality and letting go of it and rewiring it’s been a challenge. It;s hard to catch myself wanting to do the little things that give me instant gratification. But I know I can’t give in to it. It’s a disservice for my team and wasn’t sustainable for me. Accepting that My team members are responsible for their success. It’s not on me. What’s possible from here? I contribute in more meaningful ways. I have a bigger impact in the department performance and overall company growth. I can honor my boundaries and overwork as an exception and a default.

Leadsership Transformations

Find Your Flow

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We worked closely with these clients to help them find their true meaning in life and their desired path. We're so passionate about these transformations because this is our ULTIMATE goal when coaching our clients.

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Impressive Career Shifts! 🚀

These guys accepted promotions, made career changes, and started side hustles


Thank you for your help throughout this process.This is not only helped me identify how I approach my interviews but will be something I can use in my everyday life moving forward. 



Linda Pardek

unnamed (2).png
Numbers & Icons.png
Numbers & Icons.png
Marissa House.png


  • Started with burnout, feeling stuck 

  • Set boundaries and took time for self

  • Tapped into her best version 

  • Got promoted to Director

  • Bought a home as part of her vision

  • Changed company with aligned values

Video Game


  • For 10 years  he had a burning to create his own Video Game 

  • He became clear of his why to overcame the challenges and fear of getting it started

  • He started writing the story and characters while at EA

  • In 6 months he build the story and had a team building it with plan to sell it.  

Big Ben


  • Started feeling unmotivated and frustrated at work

  • Prioritizing her physical and mental state she reconnect with her needs and passions

  • Created a Book Club for her Community which gave her sense of belonging abroad

  • Had time and energy to start a side hussle as a Creative Writer

  •  Decide to pivot her carried and apply to PHD abroad 

  • She quit her job, moved to UK and started living her dream 

Love Notes 😍

We love our clients!! See what they've been saying about our time together

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