Imagine making a brave leap

towards work that really

matters to you.

If you’re often unfulfilled with your day’s work,

doubting if this job values your zone of genius, and

you’re craving inspiration to get out of there to do

something different, I get it. I’ve been there.

As a Career Transition Coach and Workshop facilitator, I’m here to help you...

and figure out if the time has come to start a new chapter in your career
Understand what really matters to you
so you can navigate important  decisions
to purpose more meaningful work you can figure out what you’re meant to do and transition confidently into a fulfilling work

that really matters to you.


Did you wake up one day and realized you’re in the midst-professional career and aren’t doing what you wanted to be doing?


Maybe you got caught up in an idea of success that wasn’t even yours and it's time to actually figure out what work matters to you.  

Do you ever get the feeling of being trapped at work, every day, five days a week? Do you push the feeling aside each time because you feel it’s what you have to do, so you suck it up and keep going?  (It'd be unreasonable otherwise)


Are you feeling uncertain and stuck not knowing what’s next on your career path?  

Chances are, you got caught up in an idea of success that wasn’t yours (maybe originating from your parents, society and/or your peers), and it just doesn’t feel right.

But here is what I’m excited to tell you!

Figuring what matters to you is the best thing that can happen. It gives you an opportunity to redefine what you really want. To get on a career path that actually aligns you with your values, your skill-set, and your life goals.​

II’m speaking from experience: when I was in your shoes, it felt scary and I made mistakes but I found the right tools to help me do it and I have seen countless others do it too. Now, I can say I’ve accomplished a life change that I’m fulfilled with and I’m proud of every day.

Are you ready to start loving the work that you do? Book an Intro Call with me so that I can help you realize that you deserve exactly what you want, your professional fulfillment, and together we’ll map out the steps to get you there. 

My "Forge Your Own Path" process provides you a path to help go from feeling stuck, unfulfilled and unhappy in your job, to find meaningful work that lights you up and pays you to do the things you’re best at.


This is what it looks like:

1. Clarity

on where you are in your career journey

what success means to you and most importantly, what the other side of the transition looks like. If you can't see it, you can't get to it.

2. Confidence 

to embrace your unique strengths & values 

Discover the "sweet spot" between your mastered skills and what you're naturally good at, to focus on an area of successful outcomes.

3. Courage

to make that brave change you’ve wanted for so long

By setting the for a safe transition, so you have what you need to live out the best version of yourself.

4. Brand

yourself and/or business as the new you

Create a strong brand identity. Define your unique value to have your desire impact with your audience. 

5. Begin

your transition plan. Make it REAL!

 Manage your time and energy to be consistent and focus on what matters, with the right mindset without feeling overwhelmed.


Are you ready to take the steps toward your dream work?

It looks like this:

Book a Call
to meet and connect. To learn  about you, where you’re at and what you’re wanting. You’ll receive the link to “virtually” meet for 45 minutes.
Let's CHAT
Grab a cup of tea and experience coaching first-hand. You'll want to have a pen and pencil to write down your takeaways :)
 if it feels we're a good fit. We'll discuss commitment going forward (length of coaching engagement, frequency of sessions, etc...).

Maria's energy is so unlimited, her smile and positive energy is vibrant all the time. Her compassion and listening is really authentic and really makes working with her a caring and safe environment. The biggest change in my life was the confidence in myself which is noticeable on my day-to-day. I have the confidence to choose whom I want to be and whom I want to become every day instead of feeling resigned. I was able to quit the job that I had fear of leaving for years, to do what matters and feels true to me. I am proud of what I wasn’t able to see before, I trust myself and I learned to be kind and compassionate with myself. Coaching with Maria has given me the self-esteem that I was looking for when I started coaching. Thank you, Maria!!

Laetitia Jouet  




I'm Maria Angoso &

I believe everyone deserves to do work that excites and fulfills them.

 So there I was in 2014, after living in 4 different countries and pivoting industries twice, I found myself in this transition phase again. But this time, it felt different. I was where I thought I wanted to be. Managing teams and digital strategies for big clients—the big names everybody knew and admired: Microsoft, Disney, adidas, to only name a few. I was managing large marketing budgets, people relied on me, and on the outside, it looked like I had it all.


But only a few people knew the truth: I was miserable, drained, and time at work dragged on. There was something seriously off at work and my unhappiness was starting to harm every area of my life.


In this period of despair, without a clear plan or next steps, a particularly punishing challenge for a hyper achiever, I started a personal exploration journey. Through it, I uncovered a professional dream that I had been unconsciously pushing aside out of fear for years. And this time, I made a commitment and a promise to myself: I decided to make this dream non-negotiable. 


Yes, it was scary to take that leap—to quit my successful career and to start forging my own path. I started my coaching certification and eventually my own business. Today, I do work that matters to me where I utilize my mastered skills and what I’m naturally good at every day. 


As the “Queen of Transitions” (a nickname a friend gave me after remarking my numerous big life changes), in every case of change I’ve been able to get a step closer to what I am meant to be doing. And that is exactly what I want for you. I’ve created a unique approach that I wished someone had shared with me when I felt drained and miserable at work. And now I use this to help you get to what you’re really meant to be doing. 

If this is where you are and you don’t know where to start but you know you’re ready, I’d love to chat. Book an Intro Call with me today.  If you prefer to take things slowly, start by downloading the Career Journey Snapshot. 


There are 3 ways we can work together to figure out the work that matters to you.

(in-person and online, wherever you are)

Transition Coaching

We'll meet on Zoom (with video) to create a safe space for us to deep dive on where you are, who you are, and where you want to be. With these overarching goals, each session is tailored to you so you can move in the direction that matters most and reclaim your voice, gain self-confidence, and trust. I'll be your cheerleader and accountability partner to get you there

Personal Branding

If you're ready to develop your business brand yourself and just need a clear roadmap, with detached-support to go at your own pace, this is for you!  

The program will provide structure, guidance and tools for each step of the way on an easy creative platform. I'll be behind the scenes with Q&A calls to answer questions and provide feedback. 


I deliver custom workshops to teams of all sizes, young adults (16-35 in age), and mentors to improve communication, collaboration, and trust with their team, their mentee, or themselves.

These workshops are interactive and create a safe space for everyone to be engaged and contribute openly. It can be a one-off workshop or a series.


Client Love

My branding coaching experience has been very enriching to connect with the depth of what I want to create. It has connected my values with the color I want to bring. It has helped me explore areas that I had no idea were important to what I do, and I’ve enjoyed pulling those stories and connecting them to my brand. The dynamic and how I’ve been guided were 10 our of 10. For me, it has been the construction of a solid base that’s going to help me 100% to have the clarity to the people I work through in breathwork and yoga. This is a gift for me, as I have tons of ideas and landing and focusing on what is important, prioritize, and simplify. This is my work and you’ve helped me in a huge way. Thanks for the dedication and the passion you bring to your work.

Leyre Murillo 


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