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Maria Angoso a Certified Career Coach working with hyper-achievers in the Tech industry,

and these notable companies:



The Career Clarity Coaching program has been life-changing and the impact it has had on my life is priceless. Just when you thought you knew yourself, Maria helps you expand your understanding of who you could be. I feel I now have the tools to continue this life journey with confidence, clarity and sense of wonder. I could not recommend her enough!

Ivy Muturi, BC

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Do you want to achieve
Work-Life Fulfillment?

Create a roadmap connected to your WHY that leads to a healthy, balanced and meaningful life.

Work-Life Fulfillment is essential for balance, purpose and igniting the spark that lives within you! 


Mental health is a serious work issue, according to Gallup.

Only 33% of Americans said their mental health was excellent, down from 43% in 2019. That marks the most serious concern since the Great Depression.

Feeling unfulfilled in your work can be incredibly draining on your energy.


We are at our best when we embrace our unique strengths and values. A job that finds the “sweet spot” between your beliefs, your mastered skills, and what you’re naturally good at will give you energy, rather than take it away, helping you to focus on finding balance and increasing productivity.


Living in your comfort zone out of fear can be deeply unfulfilling. You may feel ready for your next steps, but lacking the confidence or clear roadmap to meet your goals. By deciding what you can drop, delegate or change, and by pursuing activities and opportunities that energize you, you can build a happy, meaningful, and productive life!


It’s time to shine in your strengths, share your gifts with the world and walk the steps to a fulfilling career and life!

"We live in a universe of possibilities to be and to do. It takes everything you have to be happy and successful."

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So you have that secret dream you’d like to turn into your side hustle or the main show?


Perhaps you’re unsure of where to start in making the transition, or maybe you’re looking for branding or a roadmap of your first steps into entrepreneurship.


Turn your flat, unmotivated days into a life fully expressed, by determining your priorities, setting boundaries and focusing on what brings you true joy and meaning in life.


Together we will sustain your motivation, build your confidence and find the new habits of your success!

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How To Work Together?


Career Clarity

The Career Transition coaching services tend to focus on one or more of the following, preparing for a new career that fulfills you, how to create a work-life style that aligns with you, and the clarity to start your own business or new path.

 Lead with Confidence

The Executive Coaching services tend to focus on one or more of the following, preparing for a promotion, how to create a work-life style that aligns with you, and the clarity to start your own business or new path.

Team Workshops


I attribute a massive decision to move companies ..

I attribute a massive decision to move companies to all the conversations and the help she provided to me this last year. The tools and language she has given me will forever help me understand who I am, how to reflect upon my needs and wants, and how to make decisions that are right for me and my values.


Design Operations Leader

I would suggest her to anyone looking to unlock their potential.

I had the lovely privilege of working with Maria as a career coach over the past three months. She has been a shining light. Maria gave me a fresh perspective on my work-life balance and helped guide me to find ways to focus on my career path, think outside the box, and work towards my goals. She is attentive, helpful, and kind. 

Content Producer | Instructional Designer

We had so many discussions on the learnings. I am in awe with the work you do . 

I can’t thank you both so much!  It was a perfect afternoon and the chatter on Monday about everything they learned was amazing.  I learned so much about myself and the group and am so in awe of the work you do!


Director of Student Association

Sue Allan

 Ready to make a real work-life change?
I’m here to help you make that transition – whatever it may be.
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