“I’m on a mission to help ambitious people like you discover your most authentic, fulfilling, and limitless life.”

A bit About Me...

I’m Spanish-Canadian, a personal development coach, social connector, explosion of energy, relationship cultivator.  I love life and I love my family and friends so much so that one could have called me a people pleaser; it also meant I couldn’t stand to be alone. On my journey of personal exploration I became aware of these traits and with some work I can truthfully say, I have a balanced life. 


These were some of my particular strenghts, or shortcomings, and each of us have our own. And this is exactly why I’m here to help. 


All of this is part of me and my uniqueness and what helps to shape my coaching style.

I'm here o help you go further and live your dream life, through:

Offering an honest/meaningful coaching relationship with a pragmatic approach and consistent support

Accompanying you in the internal process of truly connecting with yourself ​​​

Opening new doors and overcoming roadblocks with a creative and out-of-the-box vision

Leading you to live an authentic, self-expressed, and heart-felt life with confidence and clarity.

Does My Journey Resonate?

Chapter 1: Uncovering my passion for youth

At 26, I moved from Hong Kong to Montreal. My sister was in high school at the time in Madrid and she struggled, as so many of us do, figuring out who she was and how to be. 


Our parents, quite typically, felt less connected to her as she craved independence and grew into a young adult. I wanted to step in, connect with her, and be that cool support figure in her life. I wanted to let her explore and find answers to those big questions she was wrestling with. 


So, I flew her across the Atlantic to live with me in Canada. Over the next few years, we experienced what I call “the choppy waters of adolescence” together. 

My understanding of teens, their struggles, and how to connect with them deepened over the years. 

It’s clear to me that specific moments of guidance, support, and boundaries were decisive in shaping her adult personality today

By creating a judgment-free space of open communication and balancing the independence she craved with boundaries, we grew closer. She gained clarity and became more confident. 


Those years allowed her to explore and discover who she was and develop the courage to live an authentic life.

Over the past decade, I’ve been helping youth like my sister who need extra support and guidance. I coach and mentor them in navigating through the parental, school, and peer pressures of life, while helping them discover and define who they want to be.

Chapter 2: Living My Dream of Coaching

I'm proud to say I’ve had a very successful, exciting personal life that is very unique from most others . But we all have our challenges in life and I’m no different. I was “fine” but living an ordinary, unfulfilled life. 

From the outside, I appeared to be living the dream. I worked as a digital marketer with prestigious clients like Microsoft, Disney, and Adidas and was a cool older sister. But secretly, I felt like there was something missing.


I felt like my life just didn’t fit me. 


I struggled to understand what was wrong. My solution was to do what gave me joy, like travelling and staying busy, but this didn’t answer my question on why I wasn’t fulfilled. 


After many years of personal development, research, and training, I realized my answer: I had to step back, pause, and align my choices with my truth. I had to make sure I was doing what was authentic to my work, true to my family, and – most importantly – true to me. 


I discovered the key to finding my flow in life was being connected to myself. Doing what I love in my personal and professional life. There is no fulfillment without both.


Now, I’m truly living my dream. My life is more full with less. Now, my main goal is to help other people feel this way too.

OUr Values Say A Lot About Us..

I Stand For:

  • Authenticity. I believe in the uniqueness of every individual. Dare to be different, dare to be raw.

  • Personal Development. I believe that each and every struggle is an opportunity to learn and grow ourselves.

  • Connection with yourself and others. I believe communication is key. Because we're all different, the only way to understand each other is by expressing ourselves.

  • Courage. I believe we live in a universe of possibilities.Excitement lives on the other side of your comfort zone!

  • Passionately Helping People. I believe life is too short to not live our dreams. And my dream is to help people find theirs.

Let’s get started with a conversation, see where you’re at, and get real on what you want.

So, what’s your story?

Are you ready to walk your talk?

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